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Welcome to my first and only official website. Here you will find information about myself, my career, latest projects, upcoming events, and learn so much more about my work. I appreciate your interest and involvement in my professional endeavors, and invite you to explore my site for more.

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"Special mention deserves young actor Luis Omar O'Farrill, whom we saw on stage for the first time. His maturity as an actor, being so young, seems surprising to us."

"Mención especial merece el joven Luis Omar O’Farrill, a quien vimos en escena por primera vez. Su madurez como actor, siendo tan joven, nos parece sorprendente."

Jacobo Morales -Academy Nominee

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"The reversal with which the intense actor Luis Omar O'Farrill builds Alan Strang, doubles its radiance".

"El reitramiento con que el intenso actor Luis Omar O'Farrill edifica a Alan Strang, duplica su resplandor".

Luis Rafael Sánchez - Novelist

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